In a world where countless protein shakes flood the market, Fairlife shakes have risen above the rest. But why are Fairlife shakes so popular? From their high protein content to an innovative ultra filtration process, Fairlife shakes have quickly become the go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers alike. Let’s dive into the world of Fairlife shakes and uncover the secrets behind their popularity and effectiveness.

Key Takeaways

  • Fairlife shakes offer accessible high-protein nutrition with a range of flavors and ethical considerations.
  • Core Power 26g and Elite 42g provide powerful, lactose-free sources of protein with low sugar content.
  • Positive customer reviews demonstrate the nutritional value, convenience factor, and health benefits associated with Fairlife products.

High Protein Content

A glass of protein shake with a scoop of protein powder on the side

Fairlife shakes have garnered a loyal following thanks to their impressive protein content. With two core power protein shake options - Core Power 26g and Core Power Elite 42g - Fairlife caters to different preferences and needs, ensuring everyone can find a shake that suits their fairlife nutrition plan.

If you desire a protein shake to energize your workouts or simply need a fast, guilt-free snack, Fairlife shakes are a perfect solution. Available at various retailers, including Costco and Amazon, these shakes are both accessible and affordable.

Core Power 26g

Ideal for a quick protein intake boost or post-workout recovery, the 26g Core Power shake is an excellent choice for those who want to reap the benefits of protein without overloading their system. These core power protein shakes contain:

  • Filtered lowfat grade A milk
  • Natural flavors
  • Monk fruit juice concentrate
  • Stevia leaf extract
  • Other carefully chosen ingredients

The filtration process results in ultra filtered milk containing more protein and less sugar than regular milk, making it a healthier and more nutritious option.

Although taste preferences for Fairlife’s 26g protein shakes vary, they undoubtedly accommodate a broad range of flavor inclinations. The chocolate flavor has been described as “ok”, with some reviewers preferring the vanilla flavor instead. Whatever your taste buds crave, you’re sure to find a flavor that satisfies.

Core Power Elite 42g

A picture of Core Power Elite 42g, the protein shake that answers the question why are fairlife shakes so popular

The Core Power Elite 42g shake is an ideal selection for individuals with elevated protein needs or athletes seeking additional energy. With an impressive 42g of protein per serving, this shake provides ample support for muscle growth and repair.

Available in Vanilla Elite, Elite Chocolate, and Elite Strawberry flavors, the Core Power Elite 42g shake offers a delicious and powerful way to meet your protein intake goals. As with the 26g shake, carefully selected ingredients are used to create a satisfying and nutritious experience.

Unique Ultra Filtration Process

protein shake, strawberry

The unique ultra filtration process sets Fairlife’s protein shakes apart from their competitors. This process not only concentrates protein while removing lactose and sugar, but also results in a healthier and more flavorful product. Distributed by the Coca-Cola Company, Fairlife shakes have quickly gained a reputation for their innovative approach to protein shakes.

The innovative ultra filtration process distinctly distinguishes Fairlife shakes, enabling the delivery of superior quality products accommodating diverse dietary needs and preferences. It’s no wonder that these shakes have become so popular in such a short amount of time.


Their lactose-free composition is among the major advantages of Fairlife shakes. That means they’re suitable for those with lactose intolerance who often struggle to find suitable protein shake options. The lactose-free nature of these shakes is achieved through the ultra filtration process, which breaks down lactose into simpler sugars such as glucose and galactose, thanks to the action of the lactase enzyme.

This lactose-free aspect of Fairlife shakes ensures that even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy the benefits of a delicious and nutritious protein shake without worrying about potential digestive symptoms. It’s just another reason why Fairlife shakes have become such a popular choice.

Low Sugar Content

The low sugar content of Fairlife shakes is appealing to health-conscious consumers. Ranging from 2g of sugar in the vanilla flavor of the Fairlife Nutrition Plan shake to 7g in the chocolate and Elite versions, these shakes deliver a satisfying taste without packing in excessive sugar.

This low sugar content not only makes Fairlife shakes a healthier option than many other protein shakes on the market, but also ensures that they can be enjoyed as a post-workout recovery drink or a quick snack without causing a sugar crash. It’s just another reason why these shakes have quickly become a go-to choice for so many.

Wide Range of Flavors

A variety of protein shakes in different flavors

Offering a variety of delicious flavors, Fairlife shakes ensure a choice for everyone. The flavors include:

  • Classic vanilla
  • Chocolate milk
  • Fruity strawberry banana
  • Indulgent salted caramel

These shakes cater to a wide array of taste preferences thanks to the use of acesulfame potassium as a sweetener.

The most popular flavor of Fairlife shakes is vanilla, followed by chocolate. While banana, strawberry-banana, and strawberry flavors are less favored, they still provide a delightful option for those seeking a fruity twist on their protein shake experience.

With such a diverse range of flavors, it’s easy to see why Fairlife shakes have become a staple in many people’s nutrition plans.

Convenience Factor

A person drinking a protein shake after a workout

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. Fairlife shakes excel in this regard, as they are shelf-stable and can be easily consumed on the go. Available at a variety of retailers, gas stations, and online stores such as Amazon and Costco, these shakes are both accessible and affordable.  You can store them un-refrigerated until opened!

Regardless of your location or activity, grabbing a Fairlife shake for a quick, nutritious protein boost is effortless. With their widespread availability and ease of use, it’s no wonder that these shakes have become such a popular choice for those looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Post-Workout Nutrition

A person drinking a protein shake after a workout

Beyond being a flavorful treat, Fairlife shakes also function as an optimal post-workout recovery beverage. Packed with essential amino acids, electrolytes, and vitamins, these shakes provide the necessary nutrients for muscle repair and growth.

Incorporating a Fairlife shake into your post-workout routine can help.

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Promote glycogen synthesis
  • Stimulate muscle protein production
  • Enhance overall recovery and performance

With their combination of taste, convenience, and nutritional benefits, it’s easy to see why Fairlife shakes have become a go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

Positive Customer Reviews

A person drinking a protein shake and smiling

The quality and effectiveness of Fairlife shakes are highly reflected in genuine customer reviews and testimonials, making a protein shake review an important aspect to consider.

Many customers have praised the taste, texture, and ability of these shakes to meet their protein needs. For instance, the chocolate flavor of the Fairlife Nutrition Plan shake has an impressive average customer review rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

While some customers may have differing opinions on certain aspects, such as the use of artificial sweeteners, the overall consensus in this fairlife protein shake review is that fairlife’s protein shakes deliver on their promises and provide a satisfying and nutritious option for those seeking a high-quality protein shake.

Comparison to Other Protein Shakes

A comparison of different protein shakes

Compared to other popular protein shakes in the market, Fairlife shakes clearly stand out due to their unique features. Some of these features include:

  • High protein content
  • Ultra filtration process
  • Lactose-free composition
  • Low sugar content

These qualities make the fairlife protein shake a superior option for those seeking a healthier and more effective protein shake, especially when compared to other fairlife protein shakes on the market.

In a market saturated with protein shakes, Fairlife’s commitment to innovation and quality has set them apart and earned them a loyal following. As more and more people discover the benefits of these shakes, including fairlife protein, it’s only natural that their popularity will continue to grow.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

A person drinking a protein shake and smiling

Fairlife shakes offer nutritional value that extends beyond their high protein content. These shakes are also a source of essential vitamins and minerals, which play a crucial role in supporting overall health.

Whether you’re looking to boost your protein intake with a vegan option like almond protein powder or seeking the benefits of egg whites as a protein source, Fairlife shakes offer an array of options to suit your needs and preferences.

With their combination of taste, convenience, and nutritional value, it’s easy to see why Fairlife shakes have become such a popular choice for those looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ethical Considerations

A person drinking a protein shake and smiling

Fairlife has faced controversy over its animal welfare practices in recent years. Undercover footage revealed instances of employees abusing and physically harming cows, raising concerns about the ethical implications of consuming Fairlife shakes.

As a response to this controversy, Fairlife has initiated measures to enhance its image and assure the humane treatment of animals. The company reached a $21 million settlement in 2022 and is now focusing on regularly auditing the farms they source from to guarantee the ethical treatment of animals.

As consumers, awareness of these issues is crucial, as is supporting companies that emphasize ethical practices in their operations.


In conclusion, Fairlife shakes have become a popular choice for health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts alike. With their high protein content, unique ultra filtration process, lactose-free nature, low sugar content, and wide range of flavors, these shakes offer a superior option for those seeking a convenient and nutritious protein shake.

As Fairlife continues to innovate and improve its products, it’s clear that these shakes will remain a go-to choice for many. Whether you’re looking for a post-workout recovery drink, a quick snack, or a delicious way to meet your protein needs, Fairlife shakes are a fantastic option worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fairlife protein shake is popular for its delicious vanilla flavor and excellent nutritional profile, providing 26 grams of complete protein sourced from real dairy per serving.

It has less sugar than ordinary milk, just 5g per 14oz, and provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals for post-workout recovery or between-meal boosts.

Are Fairlife shakes being discontinued?

It appears Fairlife shakes are currently paused, but will be available again in 2023.

Can you lose weight with Fairlife protein shake?

Yes, Fairlife protein shakes can help you lose weight. Protein plays a major role in weight loss by building muscle and helping to shape your body.

With the convenience of protein shakes, it’s easy to get more protein into your daily routine.

How many Fairlife shakes should I drink a day?

For most people, one to two Fairlife protein shakes per day should suffice to meet their nutritional needs. For those who are seriously involved in athletic sports, fitness practices and strength exercises, three to four protein shakes daily may be necessary to maintain physique and performance.

Be sure to also include whole foods into your diet for a balanced nutrient intake.

What is the protein content of Fairlife shakes?

Fairlife offers two protein shake options with 26g and 42g of protein respectively.

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