Are you ready for the most sought-after tumbler of the year? Introducing the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler – a limited edition, highly coveted collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley. This unique, vacuum-insulated tumbler has taken the world by storm, and we’re here to guide you on how do you get a Starbucks Stanley Cup!

Key Takeaways

  • Score your own Starbucks Stanley Cup and join the ranks of coffee-loving elite with exciting options to purchase in-store, online or wait for restocks!
  • Don’t miss out on the amazing limited edition tumbler that can keep hot drinks warm for 7 hours, cold drinks cool for 11 hours and ice frozen for two days, get yours now before they sell out!
  • Check social media accounts & local stores tips from Starbucks employees to score this coveted item at its retail price of $44.95 or explore alternative tumblers ranging from $20-$40!

The Starbucks Stanley Collaboration: A Must-Have Tumbler

A Starbucks Stanley Collaboration tumbler with a white and pink design

The Starbucks Stanley collaboration is a true marriage of style and functionality. These Stanley cups are known for their unique design and amazing features, making them a must-have for any coffee lover or tumbler collector. What sets this Starbucks Stanley Cup apart from the rest?

Firstly, the tumbler is an incredible vacuum-insulated bottle that can keep hot drinks warm for 7 hours, cold drinks cool for 11 hours, and ice frozen for two days. This makes it perfect for use in various climates, including hot countries like Thailand.

The Starbucks Stanley Tumbler:

  • Arrived in U.S. stores on May 9th, 2023
  • Now available for purchase
  • Act quickly to secure one before they sell out
  • Joining the Starbucks rewards program and staying vigilant for promotional offers can increase your likelihood of securing this remarkable tumbler.

Acquiring the Coveted Starbucks Stanley Cup

A Starbucks Stanley Cup

Acquiring a Starbucks Stanley Cup involves exploring a few potential options. You can try purchasing it in-store at Target, online through resale platforms, or wait for potential restocks.

Here are the specifics for each option.

In-Store Availability at Target

Target stores have limited stock of the Starbucks Stanley Cups, with only two per location and one per customer. Act swiftly if you wish to secure one for yourself!

Target locations were allotted two Stanley tumblers each. It was stressed that only one should be sold to a single customer. You will need to move swiftly and potentially endure a wait in line to ensure you get your tumbler before they’re all gone.

Take note, the coveted pink Starbucks Stanley Tumbler is only available at Target locations, enhancing its desirability. Keep an eye on restock updates and be prepared to get in line when they become available.

Online Options: Etsy, eBay, and More

If you can’t find the Starbucks Stanley Cup in-store, fret not! Resale platforms like Etsy and eBay often feature the Starbucks Stanley Cup. However, be prepared to potentially pay a higher price due to its limited availability and high demand.

Keep an eye on the Starbucks and Target websites for any available options. While it may be more challenging to find the tumbler online, it’s worth checking these sites regularly for updates on availability.

As with any limited edition item, prices on resale platforms may be significantly higher than the retail price. Securing a Starbucks Stanley Cup online might require you to pay a premium due to its high demand.

Restock Rumors and Updates

If you’ve yet to find the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler, some good news awaits you. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Starbucks may restock the Stanley Cup tumbler in some Target stores by May 26 or May 30.

While these restock dates haven’t been explicitly confirmed by Starbucks, the rumors have generated a lot of excitement among fans eager to get their hands on the tumbler. Stay updated on restocks by monitoring Starbucks’ social media accounts and local Target stores.

If you didn’t manage to grab the Starbucks Stanley Cup during its initial release, don’t despair! Stay abreast of the latest updates and be prepared to move swiftly once restocks are announced. Your chance to own this amazing tumbler may be just around the corner!

Features and Pricing of the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler

A picture of a Starbucks Stanley Tumbler with a caption 'How do you get a Starbucks Stanley Cup?' written on it.

The Starbucks Stanley Tumblers collection features a 40-ounce Adventure Quencher Tumbler in a peachy-pink color. Its stunning design includes a glossy branded stamp with the Starbucks and Stanley logos, making it a beautiful addition to your tumbler collection.

Not only is the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler visually appealing, but it also boasts impressive functionality. The vacuum insulation helps keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours, while the straw-embedded lid adds convenience and style.

With a retail price of $44.95, the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler is an investment in both style and functionality. Considering its limited availability and high demand, this tumbler is worth every penny for those who manage to get their hands on it.

Tips from Starbucks Employees on Scoring a Starbucks Stanley Cup

A Starbucks employee helping a customer pick out a Starbucks Stanley Cup

Starbucks' employees can be a valuable source of insider information on restocks and availability. Don’t be shy to ask them for tips on scoring a Starbucks Stanley Cup, as they might have access to information not available to the public.

Following Starbucks’ social media accounts, including Instagram, is another effective strategy to stay informed about any new announcements or promotions concerning the Starbucks Stanley Cup. This will ensure you’re among the first to know about any chances to score the coveted tumbler.

Finally, consult your local Starbucks or Target store for the most precise information regarding availability. They may be able to provide you with specific details on restocks and how to snag your very own Starbucks Stanley Cup. (Amazon Starbucks Cup)

Social Media Buzz Surrounding the Starbucks Stanley Cup

The Starbucks Stanley Cup has generated significant social media buzz, with fans sharing photos and restock updates. The excitement surrounding this limited edition tumbler has only added to its allure, making it even more sought-after.

The frenzy surrounding the Starbucks Stanley Cup is fueled by:

  • rumors
  • speculation
  • the anticipation of fans waiting for restock announcements
  • sharing their hunt for the elusive tumbler

This buzz has only intensified the desire to own one.

The Starbucks x Stanley tumbler’s debut at Target stores sparked a social media storm as fans shared their triumphs and setbacks in their quest to secure the sought-after tumbler. This social media buzz is a testament to the tumbler’s popularity and desirability.

Alternative Stanley Tumblers to Consider

If acquiring the Starbucks Stanley Cup proves elusive, consider other Stanley Tumblers that offer similar features and designs. Popular alternatives include the Contigo Autoseal West Loop, the Yeti Rambler, and the Hydro Flask.

These alternative tumblers boast impressive features such as:

  • The Contigo Autoseal West Loop’s patented Autoseal lid that seals between sips
  • The Yeti Rambler’s double-wall vacuum insulation
  • The Hydro Flask’s TempShield insulation

While these alternatives may not have the same limited edition status as the Starbucks Stanley Cup, their prices are more affordable, ranging from around $20 to $40. These tumblers can be found in stores and online, making them more accessible options for those who can’t find the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler.


In conclusion, the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler is a highly coveted, limited edition tumbler that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With its unique design, impressive features, and social media buzz, it’s no wonder that people are eager to get their hands on one.

Whether you’re able to find the tumbler in-store at Target, online through resale platforms, or through potential restocks, the Starbucks Stanley Cup is a must-have addition to any tumbler collection. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this amazing piece of Starbucks history!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Stanley Starbucks cup?

Head to your local Starbucks in Target and grab the exclusive Starbucks x Stanley tumbler collab – get it while supplies last!

Is the Starbucks Stanley Cup only at Target?

It looks like the Starbucks Stanley Cup is indeed a Target exclusive – so if you want to get your hands on it, head to your nearest Target store!

How often do Stanley cups restock?

Love the Stanley tumbler? Good news – it's restocked about once a month! Don't miss your chance to get your hands on one.

How much does the Starbucks Stanley Tumbler retail for?

Treat yourself to the stylish Starbucks Stanley Tumbler for only $44.95!

What are some alternative tumblers to the Starbucks Stanley Cup?

Tired of Starbucks Stanley Cups? Check out the Contigo Autoseal West Loop, the Yeti Rambler, or the Hydro Flask – three awesome alternatives!

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